In this in-depth Facebook Live, we talked about the messages from your feelings:

  • How to “deal with” feelings
  • What they are telling you
  • And how to shift them the “right way”

::: Table of Contents :::

[0:45] Painting a picture of being connected to your feelings[2:00] All feelings are good
[3:10] What we learn about feelings from a young age
[3:55] Our natural way of flowing feelings

[5:45] Vibrational map of our feelings (a.k.a. the instrument panel)
[9:45] quick recap + mini breathing break

[10:33] More on alignment
[11:13] What your feelings are telling you

[11:52] Hhow to shift ‘bad feelings’
[15:57] How the mind plays into this, how you can let your mind help.

[19:45] Surprise!! (* see notes for extra info)
[21:18] Invitation for questions + comments, and heartfelt thank you & greeting.


::: NOTES + LINKS :::

*1) Meditation methods: – The other videos in this series are really good as well. They are based on the work of Sogyal Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist meditation teacher.

*2) The Black Friday offer has closed now, however you can still check out my online course FUNdamentals here.

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