Small Group Guidance

Online Group Program: Create Intimacy and True Connection In Your Life

This course starts on October 22nd, 2017

Would you like to move from disconnect to true intimacy? Cultivate the friendships and relationships in your life?
really connect with people, not just on the surface?

Then this group program is for you.

Over the course of 8 weeks, we move together in the journey of connection.
This is for anyone who is ready to see big shifts happen and who is ready to find true lasting friendships and relationships.

Personal Guidance

1-on-1 Transformational Guidance: Shift to Authentic Connection

Do you want personal attention?
In these sessions, you can make big shifts quickly. I read your energy so you can become aware of blind spots and move from disconnect into authentic connection with ease.

Send me a message, or schedule a free 20-minute clarity call to find out more about one-on-one transformational guidance.

Session rates:

– 3 session package:   € 349,-
– 4 month mentoring program: € 1.500,-  limited time only: € 1.299,-
– Single sessions (only after initial set of three): € 120,-

1-on-1 Bliss Coaching: Soar Higher

(These sessions will soon have their own website!)

Would you like to move into more ease and bliss in your life? Experience inner peace, and wealth inside and out.
Sessions with me have proven time and time again to propel people into a new, easier and more abundant way of living.

Here are just some of the things that happened: a woman manifesting the love of her life and building their new life together in a beautiful exotic place, a guy finding his dream job and moving into his own appartment and another woman received a $10.000 check in the mail just after the first session!

What would you like to happen in your life that hasn’t been happening so far?
Please schedule a free clarity session with me to see if Bliss Coaching is for you.

Session rates:

– 3 session package:   € 349,-
– 4 month program: € 1.500,-  limited time only: € 1.299,-
– Single sessions (only after initial set of three): € 120,-

Want a single session?

Single sessions are only available after an initial package of (at least) three.
If this is the case, you can purchase a single session.
Simply click the link and fill out your details to get the session.
(I  will send you a message with the link to schedule within 48 hours afterwards!)

Intuïtive Massage Guidance Sessions

In Nijmegen, the Netherlands (or connect to me for other options)

Find connection and let go of disconnect. Friends and clients have found tremendous benefit from receiving an occasional massage and touch session.

Often we already know what we want, but to really embody it, is a different thing.
In these sessions, I hold the space for you to completely be, and bring you slowly in touch with the vibration of what you desire.

Often, during the massage I receive messages that I can give to you afterwards.
Therefore, we always end with some light talk and guidance, to help you integrate the awareness into your life.

Interested? Read a personal account of someone who enjoyed a massage session.

Introductory rates:

– 90 minutes: € 90,-
– 120 minutes: € 110,-
– 180 minutes: € 160,-


Testimonial - A personal account of a massage guidance session

The massage session that Marleen gave me was nothing short of amazing. It was deeply and utterly relaxing.

In my life I’ve had quite a lot of experiences with massages or some forms of physical therapy. This is because a small complication at birth where I got stuck with my shoulder and later on because of my length. Because of this I’ve been trying a lot of different things to deal with the stress in my back. And I feel like the session I received from Marleen totally did the charm to support me.

My session started with a lovely cup of tea and a relaxed talk about where I was in my life, what I felt my main challenges were, how I felt and so on. It was a very nice conversation where she gave some great feedback and where she also said a couple of (to me) pretty important things that I just needed to hear again and remember. Also, problems with the body aren’t always simply just physical so she gave good advice to me how to be more relaxed and handle the stress in my body. She gave me ‘tools’ to better take care of myself. Because of this conversation I was already feeling calmer and more relaxed before even starting with the massage.

After this I received the Divine Mother Hug from Marleen. This is no normal hug. As usually is the case with unconditional love and total acceptance it’s hard to describe for me how nice it felt to receive this from Marleen, especially since I had some personal issues at that time. The hug reminded me of things I hadn’t felt in a while which really brought me closer back to myself again. It’s really cool how something so ‘simple’ to some, can do so much. And I have the feeling it did more than I was actually aware of, looking at the way life improved.

The massage started as you’d expect; laying down. And one of the things I always love; the towels and blankets were pre-heated. Simple, but always so very very effective and cozy in my opinion. The room was very comfortably heated, had nice soft lighting and I had the option to listen to some quality music to help the mind relax, which I opted for. But what I didn’t really expect was the level of care she took for me.

During the massage it felt like she knew exactly where and when to put pressure on my muscles and she did so with great care, attention and with exactly the right amount of pressure. My body noticably reacted to the intense relaxation that the massage gave me. My muscles let the tension go and it felt like my spine was setting itself in the correct way again. I could feel myself getting a bit taller again because of it. Because of this relieving relaxation and safe environment provided by Marleen, I was able to let more go then just the tension in my backmuscles. It really helped to find peace with a couple things that were troubling me and to just be and accept things. I was able to let go of some old pains and that helped a lot to relax even further. It was a very blissful and grateful experience. The oils she used were very nice, warm and effective as well by the way. After the massage I had all the time to just lay there for a bit under the warm blankets, to relax and just be for a while and enjoy the space.

All in all I want to say that the massage session I’d received was the best I’ve ever had the fortune of experiencing. Everything about it was very caring, loving, personal and very respectful. This one session is supporting me to this day, and I’ll definitely return in the future if I just want to give myself a nice healthy present nd especially if I’m feeling that I could use some support. Thank you very kindly for the amazing session Marleen!

Bart de Groot. – the Netherlands


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