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Group Coaching Program

Shift into Freedom, Joy and Peace.

Hi there beautiful being,

Sometimes in life, you want some extra guidance.

A group of like-minded people to connect with,
and someone to help you align with your true self.

Is this such a time in your life?
Then I’ve got something for you.


In the new year, I’m starting a group guidance program.

This consists of:

♡ 4 online 1-hour group sessions over the course of 8 weeks.
♡ In between guidance e-mails
♡ A private Facebook group
♡ And recordings of all calls, accessible on a special, password-protected page.

bonus 1: one 30-minute personal guidance call with me
bonus 2: access to my online course: FUNdamentals (value: €59)


We’re living in a beautiful but also challenging time.

Big shifts are happening daily, and we, powerful human beings, are nudged every time to wake up and to navigate these shifts consciously.

Often times, we’re doing an amazing job, but we can all at times use some guidance to help us align and move into a new direction.

I am here to help you find peace inside and create a life you truly love!


These sessions are for you if:

♡ You know you’re a powerful human being, but need to be reminded of that from time to time
♡ You can use some guidance in letting go and want to move into ease and joy!
♡ You’d like to share this journey with a small group of like-minded beings

Also this is a great option for you if you’re looking into personal guidance, but want something at a lower price-point.

I know you’re ready to make these shifts within.
All you need to do to make them happen, is to take action.

By signing up for these group sessions, you’re setting a powerful intention to change your life.
Immediately and by intention, you’ll start feeling shifts in your life, which will be empowered and supported by the group sessions.

In your group sessions, I guide your mind to help this process along,
all in a light and easy way.

I know that signing up for something life-changing can bring up feelings.
This is totally normal! Feel gently into those now.

Ease your mind, and allow yourself to imagine
all the beautiful changes that are possible for you.

This is what you can gain!

I’m convinced Marleen “sees” us all on a different level. Marleen has helped me beyond her own realisation. I am so grateful for her endless support, courage, encouragement and over all fun approach to everything.

Thank you,thank you, thank you Marleen. You have helped me feel freedom when i thought there was only walls.

I LOVE the Divine Mother hugs Marleen intends but most of all I love her for being herself and helping everyone see the best in themselves.

Kate (from Ireland)

Practical information:

The previous group program is finished.
Please sign up for my updates and gifts to receive a message when a new group program opens!
I look forward to meeting you!

All calls will be recorded and will remain accessible only to the group on a special, password-protected page. After signing up, I’ll contact you within 48 hours to connect with you and ask you in which group you’d like to be. You can schedule our 30-minute session at any time, either before or during the group sessions. If you have any questions, or you are wondering whether this group program is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact me or to schedule a free 20-minute clarity call.

The Investment

Group Coaching

You’ll receive:

  • 4 online group coaching calls (1 hour)
  • Access to the private facebook-group
  • bonus: 1 personal 30-minute call with me on any topic
  • bonus: access to my online course: FUNdamentals

Your investment: € 150

Sign me up!

Group Coaching + Personal Guidance

You’ll receive:

  • Everything that’s in the group program
  • plus two personal 1 hour sessions with me (you can also choose four 30-minute calls)
  • plus e-mail access to me during the time of the program (limited to once a week)

Your investment: € 297

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Not sure if this is right for you?
schedule a free clarity call

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