-The Program-

12 Months to Visibility VIP

It’s so important that you have a group of women who are in your corner…

Especially as a feminine, heart-centered entrepreneur


Do you recognize the following?

– Impostor syndrome
– Fear of rejection
– Overwhelm
– Afraid that you’ll “never get this / there”
– Fear of being too pushy or salesy
– And probably a couple more.

 (and probably a couple more will spring into your mind as you’re reading this)

Trust me, all women in business know what this feels like, and get these from time to time (or have moved through it at some point).


It can look like:

– Sitting at your desk, knowing you should be doing (insert the really important task here) but staying stufk in the busywork.

– You know you need to get back to that person who expressed interest in working with you, but instead you postpone and get get lost in Facebook for a while

– Hovering over that ‘post’ button on your next post (or the facebook live), and deciding not to.

– Procrastinating on the big important stuff, like writing your website / salespage / offers, promoting and reaching out to people about your work.

– Sometimes thinking of just throwing in the towel and going back to a job.


We ALL know this
We just don’t talk about it a lot.


And of course, you don’t feel like this all the time!
On the flip side… 

… You ALSO have these amazing moments where you’re in flow, clients contact you out of the blue, and you’re in exactly the right place at the right time.

… You ROCK at taking big steps, trusting the Universe / Source / God, to give you your next step, knowing there’s a path for you discover.

… You’ve done the certification, taken the courses,

got the website and the email list
and learned about marketing and business.

You meditate.


AND you know there’s more.

There’s a change that you’re SO ready for
To have your work really take off.

To bring your business into action & alignment in a much bigger way.

Because you’re ready! Now more than ever.

I know that feeling soooo well, and I love the energy behind it.

It’s that sense of purpose and wonder..
Knowing that you’re going to do what it takes to make it work because you’re committed.

THAT’s the kind of person I’m attracting for this program (and my personal guidance).

But, let’s first take a moment to get to know eachother a little better.
Because there is a chance you don’t know me that well yet:

– About Me –

Hi! I’m Marleen,
I’m a coach for female Soul-Inspired ALIGNED business owners. I’m currently living in a cute wooden house in the Netherlands with my love + our cat Aragon.

What I do & Why:

I coach and mentor ladies who want to scale & (re-)create their business online ~ and have it work for THEM. ~

I love anything manifestation, law of attraction & alignment.
Over the years I’ve found my own deep sense and understanding of these laws of the universe.

I studied these areas plus the business know-how for a loooong time and love to share all of it with you: both the super-important mindset-vibrational piece, as well as business ideas and technical how-to’s.

The last thing you need to know about me is that I’m an automation nerd and love tinkering on websites! 😉

– Praise –

” I find it challenging to put into words the impact you have had on me and my life..

You are the first person (…) where I felt so able to let my walls down and show up as me, more and more every time.

I want you to know that your guidance, love, gentleness and authenticity have helped me to transform myself in ways I could never have imagined.

I am now showing up in the world with greater confidence, trust and strength with myself as myself. Less afraid to be seen and heard…. Wooo, that has been so huge for me!

Thank you for showing me how to live more gently with myself, with others and with life.

I deeply honour who you are!

Thank you
With Infinite love, “

– Heather

Before I tell you about the program

…let me tell you who I’ve created it for

This online, group-focused program is for you if you are
ready to take the steps and make the shifts…

But you don’t want to feel like you’re running yourself into the ground trying to do ALL the things all the time.

This is for you when you want longer-term, higher level support, both 1:1 and of a group of powerful and like-minded women by your side

 This is for you when you’ve got a vision for your business and you see it takes alignment, focus, clarity, non-attachment and action to get there.

In short, you’re ready for:

… More visibility,
… More clients,

… More success,

& More cash coming into your business

So you can scale,

be of higher service to your people,
expand to your next level,

Travel & create new experiences
and take care of yourself + your family in a bigger and better way!

Sounds like you?
Then let me show you the program that I’ve created for you + 19 other women.

-The Program-


12 Months to Visibility VIP

12 Months to Visibility VIP brings together the best of 1:1 mentoring, a strong community and an onlne course with teaching modules.


In this program, you’ll receive:

  • 12 monthly modules of actionable steps, teachings and guidance to grow your business without the overwhelm (learn more about the modules below). 
  • 1 on 1 support in our secret slack channel, accessible only to the women in the program 
  • The option to be teamed up with an accountability partner 
  • Monthly group calls to go deeper into the mindset of growth, success, visibility and showing up as YOU. 
  • Some extra gifts and special options I’ll reveal to you inside the program



Bonus #1:  A full training on sales and giving amazing sales conversations, without feeling pushy or salesy

Bonus #2:  The Abundance Package: 5 guided recordings on opening to abundance in different areas of your life (money, love, home and more)

Fast action bonus #1: decide BEFORE December 31st, and receive €200 off PLUS a 60-minute one on one call with me (see #2).

Fast action bonus #2: decide BEFORE January 7th and receive a 60-minute one on one call with me. We can talk alignment, strategy, or whatever you want the most help with right now.

(scroll down to find out the final details + program investment)

Who this is NOT for

men 😉 (it’s a women-only program, sorry guys!)

… women wanting to stay small, staying where they’re at for a while (there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! This is just not that kind of program)

… women who want to make excuses as to why they’re not getting the results they want (victim mode just never brings you what you want, ever)

… women looking for the magic pill / coach to make it all better (nobody can do it for you!)

… women NOT ready to take responsibility for their own success (It’s a very empowering feeling to decide that you get to create your own success, so if you haven’t already, I’d suggest to embrace that right now.)

This IS for you if:

… You’re a visionary, a change-maker, you’re ready to bring your service into the world (and make good money doing it).

… You want to learn more about growing your business, both on the practical levels and the very important mindset level

… You want to stay true to yourself and build your business from the inside out, not just copying someone else’s tips and techniques but making them yours!

… You’re willing to go deep when you need to, in order to uncover the truth behind what’s been holding you back, AND you also love to bring some joy and lightness into this process

… You like ease and grace, and also know the value of taking inspired actions when you need to.

… You’d love the support of not just a mentor, but a community of like-minded women in business

… You’re committed to your growth and ready to do what it takes to make it happen!

– Praise –

” When Marleen spoke to me about visibility coaching, I intuitively knew it was precisely what I needed.I’ve always known I have gifts to share and I’ve put my heart and soul into developing skills and creating work I know can be of benefit in the world. But as much as I had to share, I was terrified of sharing it, and my life often felt stale and stingy as a result.

I signed up to work with Marleen almost immediately after our introductory call, and before we even met for our first official session, 3 new clients contacted me for sessions.

Simply committing to this process opened the floodgates ~ no doubt Marleen’s own keen intent and forward vision was a powerful factor in this!

In the months since, Marleen has helped me open and reliably trust the essential flow between my inner and outer worlds; whatever fears and judgments had blocked me from showing up in the world have faded almost effortlessly, with just the gentlest touches and little tweaks here and there.

Marleen’s gentle support and practical guidance have opened me to new possibilities I never would have imagined just a few months ago, including creating new content and teaching two separate series of online classes.

I’m more at home in my skin, and I’m enjoying the exquisite joy of truly feeling like I am part of this life experience we’re all sharing.  My work has never been juicier and more impactful, and my income has continued to rise each month as a result!

I’m so grateful that Marleen appeared when I was ready to receive her gifts! It’s been a delight to play with her in such a powerful vortex of energy and to experience such huge changes with ease and grace and absolutely no struggle!

Without question, working  with Marleen has been the best investment I’ve made for my business. “

– Melinda Gates

Why sign up for this program?

Now, you’ve got a choice to make.
You can go ahead with or without support.

I’m not kidding you and I’m not gonna lie. You can figure this out.

The question is, though, how long will it take to make it work, on your own?

Will you grow as fast as you want to?

Will you scale, charge your higher rates, get the kind of soulmate perfect joyfulclients you want?


I’ve personally found again and again that investing in mentorship, community, and mindset have been the best investments I’ve made into my business AND personal growth.

(and trust me, I’ve invested over €18.000 (probably more) into my business and spiritual development)


If you recognize just a few of these:

  • Fear or rejection
  • Not feeling (good) enough
  • Wondering whether you’re allowed to go big
  • Overwhelm, doing all the busywork and still getting no traction
  • Being in a feast or famine cycle with getting new clients & money into your business
  • Procrastination on promoting your offers, programs and services
  • Unconscious sabotaging that leaves you drained, and in low self-worth after a day of work

…then there’s really no question why you should join.


Just some of the things that this program helps you do:

  • Scale quickly
  • Create additional streams of income
  • Raise your rates so you can work less hours, while getting paid more
  • Shift your vibration quickly, without having to go through months of ‘figuring it out & learning the lessons’ or having to take a mental health day/week/month.
  • Be super focused and aligned, so you attract the right people at the right time
  • Get magnetic with your offerings and presence, so people are sending messages to your inbox, ready to sign up to your premium offers.


In short, this is an investment in yourself that completely pays off when you show up for it.

Investment & How to Apply

So what is the actual investment?

I know some of you will have scrolled down to find out about the price first
if that’s you, I invite you to scroll back up and find out if this is right for you first,
because this is a decision to be made with your heart & soul.

On the one hand, there’s the investment of time & energy.

Your time + energy investment:
– Show up for the calls or catch the replays
– Go through the teaching modules that call to you
– Ask questions & share your love + support in the slack channel.

Your financial investment / energy exchange is on the next page.
Click below and then scroll down to fill out the application!

Trust Yourself

Are you feeling a “Hell YES”?
then click below to apply.

All the other details you may want to know

  • We start on January 21st with an opening call
    Call time: 20:00 CET (Amsterdam time) / 2PM EST / 11AM PST
  • All group calls after the first call will be on Thursdays, same time.
  • By joining the program, you’re signing up to all 12 months. This is a full year of support and commitment.
  • This program will probably open up again after 2 or 3 months.
    More women joining also means a stronger community. This does not affect the level of support you’ll receive in the program.
  • You will keep lifetime access to the 12 modules, which you can move through again and again whenever you please.

Not sure yet?

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