Hi there, I’m Marleen!

I love herb tea, dancing and creating things that bring joy to the world.

My mission is to bring peace and I love doing that in many forms:
I’m annoyingly positive and enjoy tantra, meditation, giving massages,
singing and creating art.

In my work as a Transformational Guide I teach courses, guide groups and give powerful & life-changing one-on-one sessions.

Me and my love (Wolf), live in the south of the Netherlands,
in a cozy foresty place, together with our cat Aragon.
I often hop outside to a little water nearby our house to sit on the moss and meditate.

Around 5 years ago, I made a decision to change my life and pursue my spiritual path.
I quit art school and spent time going within.
In the following years I evolved big time and learned to trust my inner-guidance over all else.
Big shifts happened: a new job, money, new house and the love of my life all came into my life.

Of course, the journey hasn’t always been easy.
In my life, I’ve gone¬†through depression, stress and anxiety. Overall I’ve been in lack of clarity for a long time.
That’s why I am so inspired and joyful to now guide you to the clarity, passion and purpose that I know is there for you!
So you can create a life you can fully enjoy!

This way, we create a ripple effect through all of life, and enlighten the world

I’m so appreciative of you, and happy you’re here.

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