So, my cat is the sweetest cat in the world (which I think everybody says about their cat), but for me it’s true 😉 His name is Aragon and we got him 1,5 years ago.
In the following video I share 3 lessons that I learned from our cat.
If you’d rather read, I’ve included the text as a blogpost below the video <3

When Wolf asked me if I wanted to adopt this cat, I looked at his picture and felt the energy of this feline. And I felt this huge bliss wave come over me. I felt this would be so good for us, so good for me, and everyone involved. So of course, it was a ‘Yes!’
He really has been a beautiful influence in our world. So, these are a few things that I’ve learned from Aragon:

#1  There’s always time to truly be there with someone.

If there is not, you have to take a look at your life and figure out what to do about it.
Usually we keep ourselves busy with a lot of little, unimportant things.
What are you currently spending time on that doesn’t even bring you that much joy?
Scrap that and spend time with a loved one instead.

#2 Don’t forget the things that make life worthwhile.

When I see Aragon walking around outside, when I see him playing, or he comes up to me and gives me a ‘cat hug’, I am reminded of what makes life worthwhile. It reminds me to do those things for myself.
Whether that’s breathing for a few minutes, taking a walk in the woods, or bringing out my playful side.
Think about this for yourself: what brings you joy?

#3  Bliss lives in the moment

This beautiful creature doesn’t have a huge mind like us, so he lives in the moment pretty much all the time.
And when I see him being in bliss a lot of the time, that reminds me to be in the moment and in more often myself.
Stress can only exist when you’re thinking about future or past. When you’re living right here right now, engrossed in what you’re doing, there literally *is* nothing to stress about.
When was the last time you were fully present with what you were doing and *only* what you were doing?
How could you bring that quality into other activities in your life?
You’ll start seeing that your well-being starts increasing a lot when you do this! 
So, those were the three lessons that Iearned from my cat!
Leave me a comment and let me know: which did you like the most?
(and drop the name of your furry companion, if you have one!)

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