Transformational Guidance

Welcome, beautiful being

I know you’re here to create a big change in your life
and boy, do I know what that is like!

You need to make a choice + you want to create a new life.
a life based on freedom, joy, and inner peace.

A life where struggle and toil are a thing of the past
where you can create with ease + live and love in freedom.

I know what that’s like because I myself went through significant changes.

After my spiritual awakening in 2011, I saw the life I had planned for myself as an illustrator fall apart.
Nothing I previously wanted seemed to work anymore.

I decided to quit art school, move house and find out what did call me.
In the beginning it was difficult, but I kept following my inner guidance
I moved through layers and layers of old conditioning with increasing ease
.. and, I found clarity, peace, love, money and my inner joy.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have my challenges anymore,
but I live in a vastly different reality and know how to create my life with ease.

You’ve asked for something big as well,
otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right?

What is your big thing?

What brought you here, seeking the changes you desire?

In life there are catalysts that show up, asking us to “Wake up!”
And “Remember what you came here to do.”

What is your catalyst?
Take a moment to feel into it
and see how it brought you here.

In Your Transformational Guidance Sessions, you will:

♡ Find out why you are here on earth at this time and what your unique purpose is
♡ Go deeply into your themes right now + find ways to move forward with more grace and ease than you thought possible
♡ Find a true, deepened connection to your Self/Source/God/Light/The Universe
♡ Learn to manifest your desires (i.e. attract the love of your life or manifest the money you desire – I have helped clients do both and more!)
♡ Generate true, inner-based unshakable worthiness, so you can receive your desires


I promise to:

♡ Create and “hold” a perfect space for you to be in during our time together
♡ Help you be the empowered woman you are + create and deepen your sense of inner power (men, you are welcome too 😉)
♡ Help you to stop the need to work on yourself, and instead attract and allow the life you want to live, with ease.


You will receive

♡ All my manifesting secrets, – that I used to A) quit my job and move into the business and life of my dreams, B) attract my man, with whom I am so happy! C) manifest a house in the forest, exactly as I pictured it!
♡ Three or more sessions with me (and trust me, most people only need three sessions to shift their life from struggle to peaceful!)
♡ E-mail access to me
♡ All recordings of our calls, on your own special password protected page
♡ Access to my group guidance program for free for the duration that you work with me!


This is for you if:

♡ You’re a creative being who wishes to find out what more is possible for her
♡ You’re open to allow for big changes in your life (this is not a gradual process, but rather a wonderful quick shift!)
♡ You’re ready to awaken or deepen and expand your awakening
♡ You’re ready for bliss

– Testimonial –  

I’m convinced Marleen “sees” us all on a different level. Marleen has helped me beyond her own realisation. I am so grateful for her endless support, courage, encouragement and over all fun approach to everything.

Thank you,thank you, thank you Marleen. You have helped me feel freedom when i thought there was only walls.

I LOVE the Divine Mother hugs Marleen intends but most of all I love her for being herself and helping everyone see the best in themselves.

Kate (from Ireland)

Coaching Packages

Liftoff (1,5 months)

3 one-on-one 50-minute transformational guidance sessions
♡ recordings of all your sessions on a special password protected page
♡ e-mail access to me (once a week)

2 months access to my online membership program: Love Life Alchemy

Your investment: € 269
Special flash sale offer: € 222

let's get started!

Breakthrough (3 months)

6 one-on-one 50-minute transformational guidance sessions
♡ recordings of all your sessions on a special password protected page
♡ e-mail access to me (once a week)

1 personal fine-tuned guided meditation – recorded especially for you
♡ access to my online program Fundamentals (value €59)
4 months access to my online membership program Love Life Alchemy

Your investment: € 497
Special flash sale offer: €444

ready, set, go!

Supercharge Package (5-7 months)

♡ 11 one-on-one 50-minute transformational guidance sessions (that’s 5 to 7 months!)
♡ e-mail access to me for 7 months (once a week)
♡ recordings of all your sessions on a special password protected page

♡ 5
20-minute tune-up sessions
♡ 2 personal fine-tuned guided meditations – recorded especially for you
♡ access to my online course FUNdamentals (value €59)
lifetime* membership to my membership program Love Life Alchemy *Please note that I’ll be hosting the membership program for at least 6 months and probably longer. You will keep access to all materials, however I cannot guarantee monthly updates for life! The first 6 months are guaranteed!

Your investment: € 897
Special flash sale offer: €777

let's do it!


If you’re not sure yet, please feel free to

Set up a free discovery call!



What will happen after I sign up?

After you sign up, you will receive a personal message from me within 48 hours to connect and schedule your first session. We’ll get started as soon as possible!

Do you also offer single sessions?

I only offer single sessions after an initial package of three.
Did you already receive sessions with me and want to schedule a follow-up session?
Click here to schedule a single session.

Will I be able to use my coaching sessions spaced longer apart?

Yes, this is a possibility, but only after our initial three sessions.
You can schedule your sessions yourself and can take a little longer when you feel you’re already flying high.
However, never hestitate to schedule a session when you need it!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No. The guidance starts in the non-physical as soon as you sign up and requires a 100% commitment from both sides.
Only sign up when you’re completely sure 🙂

(Not sure yet? No problem! Try it out with a free 30-minute consultation!)
I will never push you into anything!

Can I cancel or reschedule a session?

You can reschedule sessions 48 hours in advance. If you cancel within 48 hours of our session, the full session will be charged / subtracted from your package.

You are allowed to gift the session to a friend if you cannot make it yourself. Simply send the session link along to your friend and let me know via e-mail.

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