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Hi, my name is Marleen

… And welcome to this space on the web!

I’m a Global Transformational Guide, helping women to transform their lives, so they can live their dreams and let in the abundance they truly deserve!

If you feel ready to dive into a new life that’s built on joy and freedom, take a look at my services

Or, read on for my story…

My story… (the short version)

Yup! Like most people, my life hasn’t always been wonderful!

As a teen, I struggled with depression, and as a young adult, I seemed to keep failing and failing at the profession I’d chosen.

I almost ended up in another depression (or perhaps a burn-out), but this time I chose differently… I decided to dive into the deep end.
I quit my studies after years of struggle and moved out of my student-home.

At that time, I had 3 months (of income) left to live on, and no idea where to go next.

You can imagine that I was scared and unsure,
worrying about what would come next.

But I went for it anyway – because it was the only option left!
– and because my heart was telling me to –

And that’s where things started to shift…

I found my spiritual teacher (that’s her on the right) and transformation after transformation happened for me.

I spent each morning in meditation, chanting the Moola Mantra (the version by Deva Premal and Miten), and felt more joyful by the day.

Then, I stopped all the old practices of working on myself, and instead found a deeper connection to the Presence, than I’d ever had before.

My kundalini started rising and many of my innate gifts and abilities started opening up to me. Including the ability to awaken other people and read energy very clearly.

Manifesting also became a *lot* easier.
For example; I felt an inner nudge to go look for a job, and two weeks later, I was hired at a perfect one!

Miracles like these kept happening for me, big and small.
And eventually, I started guiding others on their paths to authenticity, awakening and abundance.

What could happen for you?

What if these things started happening for you in your life?
What if you’d be able to manifest things easily, and experience ease and joy?

Imagine being able to manifest more money, a better relationship, and being able to show up more visibly + authentically In your work!

I know sometimes it may not seem possible to live a joyful life.
The yearning you have inside you to be better, to grow and to Live with a capital ‘L. You feel like there’s so much more you are capable of and you aren’t quite sure if you’ll ever get there.

Here’s the deal… You will never get “there”
There is always more… And that’s so good because I can help you reach and surpass your wildest dreams!!

But the good news: You can get all that you want in this moment and more PLUS have the joy of growing beyond that and living your dreams!

You can live the life you’ve always dreamed of living so you can wake up every moring feeling like you can’t wait to start your day…

You can feel true to yourself in your professional life, so you feel fulfilled by the work you do and good while you do it.

You can experience the relationship that is healthy and fills you up instead of drains you emotionally so you feel whole and complete in your own skin and even better when your significant other is around.

… and you deserve it!

Marleen Renders - Stop Feeling Lonely And Create True Connection

Free Video

If that resonates with you, be sure to pick up this free video gift I have for you:
How to Shift from Stress to Abundance in 6 minutes

You can use this tool to create a powerful energy shift for yourself.
After doing this, you’ll be able to manifest with much more ease, and able to problem-solve way faster. You’ll get clearer, more YOU in relationship and more powerful in your work environment.

Click the button below for direct access.

 FREE Call: Your 20 Minutes of Transformation

If you want to grow more + are ready for some transformation & inner awakening, this FREE call may be perfect for you:

During our 20 minutes together, you’ll create big shifts so you can
feel good every day from the inside out + start living your dreams.

After sessions, I’ve seen clients manifest:
– new clients for her business
– a big unexpected cheque in the mail
– courage to become visible in their business
– a gorgeous new appartment[/one_half]

But more importantly they found:
– inner peace & less stress
– deepened relationships
– feeling guided from inside

This call is perfect for you if growth, expansion and awakening are important to you. What would you be able to do with more clarity and less fear?

Imagine how your life would change if you could manifest your dreams!


Your healing spirit is so incredibly powerful!

Ho-ly-shit :)))

Ramon Tuynman (Netherlands)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Marleen. You have helped me feel freedom when I thought there were only walls.

Kate (Ireland)

You are a light to the world

Jane Horton (UK)

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