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Marleen Renders

Brand- & Web designer + Mentor for Spiritual Business Badasses

You’re in the right place to create massive business success,
True empowerment, visibility, and a fully free life.

Sounds like what you need?


After signing up to work with Marleen, I immediately signed 4 new clients.

Without question, working  with Marleen has been the best investment I’ve made for my business.

My work has never been juicier and more impactful, and my income has continued to rise each month as a result!

Melinda Gates

I am now showing up in the world with greater confidence, trust and strength with myself as myself.

Less afraid to be seen and heard.

Wooo! That is so huge for me!

Heather MacRae

After just one session, I went from $1500 a month to $5000 a month (in TWO WEEKS!). Thanks Marleen!

Virginia Nelson